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My goal over the past few years: Improve the way I tell stories.

To do that, I have done a number of things…The one I want to focus on in this story is by talking to a diverse group of people — and hearing different thoughts.

I am a part of a student group on campus called Computer Comfort. We provide technology tutoring sessions at college campuses across the country. Designed and led by students, the classes support a curriculum designed to connect senior citizens with their families and the world around them.

We use technology as a teaching medium to give back to the community + have a lot of fun in the process.

But the truth is that while we are teaching basic computer skills, like using google and copy and paste, we are also learning and hearing stories.

It is a lot of fun!

Throughout the teaching sessions, I hear the most unexpected stories. Things you would never expect to hear. You learn so much about people by listening to their passions.

I always like to show the senior that i am working with how to use google earth. It truly is an incredible, and at first exposure, unbelievable experience. This is the magic moment.

But this time, the senior showed me a side I did not expect.

When I started by showing a 360 view of times square.

Senior: “Been there”

Egyptian Pyramids

Senior: “Oh, I was there


Senior: “You have to go there. One of the best trips.”

That is where I started getting jealous. And had to ask more about this person’s former life. How/why did this person end up in St. Louis?

Turns out they had married a national geographic photographer and had been traveling the world for 20 years. But that is the thing: I would have never guessed that.

I believe the best way to learn about someone is to give them a chance before you form an opinion. I know I am working on refining this mindset. And it is not easy. But by continuing to ‘check your perspective’ and talking to different people — I am able to freshen my thoughts.

Never ever judge a person by age or look. Always give people a chance. Because you never know what you will learn from them or how you can help them.

I blog because I want to refine my ability to tell stories. Let me know how I am doing — I want to get better.

By jordangonen on April 21, 2016.

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