Short Term Obstacles

Short Term Obstacles

In the moment, obstacles can slow you down.

At a small company, you do whatever it takes to avoid slow downs and move fast. Obstacles are your worst enemy, and when they get in your way you do your best to jump over them.

But I have learned that sometimes it is better to face obstacles early on. Why? You do not waste any time. You do not fool yourself into believing that what you are doing is bullet proof.

You see — what appears to be an obstacle in the short run may actually save you an incredible amount of time in the long run.

You just never know.

At a small stage, you have to be optimistic. The world will want you to fail. Small companies are not meant to disrupt anything and thrive.

Those bumps in the road, that appear like huge mountains early on, are really only the beginning.

As a founder, putting out fires will be part of your full time job.

Get used to overcoming failures.

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By jordangonen on April 9, 2017.

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