Some people will never understand

Some people will never understand

Time and time again, you run into people in your life who you simply do not gel with.

These are the people who have fundamental disagreements with you about life. They have different priorities. They see things differently.

I see it all the time.

And when I do, I guess I have a choice to make. Well, I can make one of many choices.

I could disassociate myself from those people. And do my best to stay away from them.

I could argue with them all the time and try to convince them that my perspective on things is right.

I could try to listen to them more often. I think empathy is hugely important. Maybe better understanding them would make me more appreciative of things. Even moreso, I’d learn something new.

I am not sure there is a best way to approach things like this. I do not think there is a “solution.” I think that this is just life.

You run into people who don’t believe in you. People who disagree with you. People who try and hold you back.

It is up to you what your next move will be.

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By jordangonen on March 22, 2017.

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