Stratechery is the Modern Business School

The intersection of technology and business is becoming increasingly overlapped and important to the future of the economy. You could build or work in any business of scale today without having some affinity and understanding of software and broader tech. The days of “I am just going to study business and not understand engineering” are quickly coming to a close.

Anyways, this sort of timing only provides more urgency for why every person interested in the future should be reading Ben Thompson’s blog – Stratechery – as I have found it to be the most applicable take on the future of business. I am not paid or sponsored by Ben in anyway whatsoever – he does not even know who I am!

But I think probably the best gift or thing I could give you is an encouragement to become familiar with some of the concepts that he shares…Aggregation Theory is a good place to start.

You will be wayyy ahead of the intellectual and strategic curves if you can understand his thinking.