Today is Thanksgiving.

ThanksgivingToday is Thanksgiving.

Today is Thanksgiving.

I am back in Arizona for a few days for the holiday. It is always a great time, seeing family and friends for the first time in a while.

Tons to be grateful for.

When I am home, I always try and make the most of it. The weather here is great so that is always an added benefit. But I always try and spend as much time as possible with family and friends — creating memories (good and bad).

It is fascinating to me contrasting the life I live at school with everything that goes on here back home.

It is interesting…just a few years ago I lived here. In fact, everything I had ever known was here. My friends. My school. My work.

All of my challenges came from this place. All of my successes had happened here in Arizona.

I learned everything I know from here.

Yet, coming back, I feel removed.

It is a reminder that the world keeps spinning without you.

You leave for a few months…years…and everyone else keeps moving and moving quickly.

When you come back, though, it often feels like nothing has changed. At the same time you know that most everything has changed, in the same way that the world was changing when you were younger.

I think one form of “empathy” that is increasingly challenging to build is “time empathy” or “age empathy.” Being able to understand the context to which other people from other time groups or ages experience things is really hard.

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