The Irrationality of Art

Art escapes me.

Art, and the artists that produce it, cannot be explained by ones and zeroes. Art is mysterious, delusional, and weird.

Art is irrational – and that frustrates people. Left-brained people cannot understand art. They cannot explain art. They cannot sympathize, empathize or harmonize with all that is art.

We often look for logical solutions to things, but sometimes, the solution is creative. The solution does not follow a pattern of reasoning. It cannot be simply abstracted or paraphrased. It just works. Like magic.

It is art.

We often try to make art math. We try to explain why things work. We retrofit the beauty of nature and life into some mathematical model. We want algorithms powering the world, yet we often fail to ask why question things in the first place?

What if art just works? What if art is magic?

Do artists question why art is beautiful? Sure there are critics etc. but is that what makes art pretty?

Why is Kanye popular? Beyonce? Why was Michael Jackson a star?

Did they approach problems with a ruler and calculator?

The solution is unusual to many but obvious to some.

Artists are not here for logic. They are not here to be explained by some algorithmic equation. They are here to do one thing and one thing only: create.

The irrationality of art scares people. It intimidates people.

What cannot be explained must be assumed to be bad. But we must dive into what we cannot understand to see the true beauty of human expression. That is art. That is what art stands for. Not some bullshit money generating schema.

True art is built by true expressionists. Society and free markets dictate how to reward artists.

I think, in a utopian future, more people embrace art for what it is worth – not an external value, but rather an internal embracement of natural beauty.

Art is music. Art is painting and drawing and opera and acting.

Art is nature. Art is mountains and waterfalls and cactus.

Art is everywhere.