What seems obvious changes over time

I’m fascinated by the way society perceives the truth.

What seems obvious changes over timeI’m fascinated by the way society perceives the truth.

I’m fascinated by the way society perceives the truth.

First of all, what is the truth? Which parts of the noise are really the facts and laws that govern life?

Second, who decides the truth? Which factions of society hold power and are able to control things that they want.

Both questions are extremely interesting and, as I’m learning more and more, are ever changing. What seems to be obvious and the truth is always changing, evolving, over time.

The second question is increasingly interesting to me.

In the past state, power lived in the hands of those with capital. Machinery. Resources.

And then power shifted to those with knowledge. Ideas. Brilliance. Revolutions.

What is the next shift? What is the next revolution?

In my mind, the battle will be for human attention.

We all have limited attention — it is our most scarce and finite resource. We cannot create more attention — and attention dictates where we invest the rest of our resources in.

Power will come to those who hold lots of attention and lead well with it.

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By jordangonen on July 27, 2017.

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