What’s Next — Robots, Influencers, and More

What’s Next — Robots, Influencers, and More

Hey again! An ENTIRE QUARTER of the year has gone by. What have you been up to? Here is What’s Next. But first — if you enjoy this newsletter, would be awesome if you could share it with a friend.

4/3 — What’s Next

Articles to Read.

The time for robotic startups is now. Right?

Amazon quietly launched its own social media influencer program into beta. This is big.

Elon Musk launches Neuralink — to connect brains with computers. The idea of a “brain computer interface” is crazy to us today. But will it be in 50 years?

The “new dream job” for millions of kids these days is to be a “professional gamer.” If you are not sure what that’s about? I’d recommend reading up. Esports are huge, and they are only going to grow. The future of TV scares ESPN.

How hedge funds use neural networks to find trading signals. Also this read about what neural networks think humans like to eat. And here is how a bot could automate 80% of startup investing.

Heading into 2017, the “experts” predicted more and more of us to adopt conversational chatbots into our daily lives. Well…What’s happened? Struggle. Why? “We’re at an inflection point

Q: What do you think about chatbots and how do they fit in your daily routine? Do you use any? Will you?

The Berkshire Hathaway of the Internet

Consistency is key — How I learned to draw realistic portraits in 30 days

BONUS — Get rid of all of these Unnecessary Qualifiers in your speech
 Products & Companies to Watch.

Amazon Connect — Cloud based contact center

Raise — Find college scholarships

Wonder — (stealth mode gaming startup, but check them out)

HelloWorks — convert documents into workflows

42 — The world’s best new coding school?

Thanks for reading 🙇🏻

Once again, thanks so much for reading. Hope you found a thing or two that may seem interesting. If you have any feedback, just hit REPLY — I’ll respond 🙂

A few updates from me:

– Still writing every single day. Have yet to miss a day for over a year! If you ever have questions on that, be sure to reach out.

– Leaps and bounds on my latest project — Storyheap — big things coming

– Working on a new landing page/brand for myself, let’s see where that goes — What can I help you with?

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