Why We’re All in On Stories

The Launch of Storyheap

The Launch of Storyheap

First the newsfeed. Now stories. If you have not seen the numerous headlines already, well, now you have: Stories are here to stay.

300 MILLION + stories are shared every single day.

Why? (You are asking likely because you are not a part of Gen Z, so I will explain what is going on here)

Stories are the most authentic and transparent medium for people to share content. Creating stories is fun! And consuming them is entertaining.

Everyone — brands, influencers, consumers, agencies, etc. — is all in on stories. They are getting creative too, going all out to build the best and most engaging story content.

But here is the crazy thing: everyone is just guessing on how to make the best stories. There are no platforms that safely and accurately help you manage your stories. There is no data. There are no numbers. There is no feedback loop.

For anyone who knows anything about marketing — you must be shaking your head by now! How is this possible?!

Meet Storyheap . We fix this problem and help you manage, analyze, publish, schedule, synchronize, and do much much more for your stories. ✨


Unlike other marketing channels, there is currently no way to measure and analyze the impact of your stories. Until now that is.

Custom Analytics, Trackable Metrics, and Growth!

Building and iterating over great content is impossible without data. In our dashboard, you get insights into custom analytics and metrics that tell you where and how you can improve your stories. We help you measure the return on investment of your stories — so that you can start making data driven decisions for how you build your content.


Simply drag and drop content into your Storyheap dashboard, select a time, and upload content into Snapchat or Instagram.


In talking with a number of influencers and brands, we realized that the explosion of new platforms to share stories on, while good for consumers, meant way more work for media managers. They now had to post, often times, the same content in all of these different places. With Autopilot, just upload to once place and we’ll automagically share it everywhere!

We know that this is just the beginning! We’re building tons of new features to support you in your quest to create awesome stories. It’s time to level up your stories!

Are you ready? We’ll help you get there!

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shoot me an email gonen@storyheap.com if you have any questions 🙂