After 8

This essay is a rant, really directed towards the city of San Francisco. I'll make it clear, this is a petty rant. This is a trivial rant that ignores the real problems in the city.…continue reading →

What can I be great at?

A theme I have been thinking through the other day is "what can I be great at?" This is a challenging question for me to tackle, as I have always struggled to clearly and simply define my greatest strengths. On a tangential note, I can very clearly tell you all about my many many weaknesses. …continue reading →


Life should be legendary. Right? (This is a note to myself). We only have one shot at this, why work on boring things and solve boring problems? Why choose easy? What are we saving for? What are we waiting for? Why settle? Why work on sub-optimal? …continue reading →

What am I not

What am I best at? This is a question I used to struggle with to no end. I sought simplicity, clarity, and definitiveness. I found confusion, hopelessness, and frustration. …continue reading →


This is going to be a really short essay on a personal gripe I discovered while traveling across Southeast Asia. It is definitely petty, and a reminder of the privileges I have. I will just go out and say it: I am not built for humidity. I am not sure if anyone is, really, but, having grown up in Arizona, I figured I could withstand heat. I figured I was able to suffer. …continue reading →


I find the Chief of Staff role to be very interesting for people who want to accelerate their careers. Effectively, a chief of staff for forward looking founders give young people intimate access into the company's hardest and most valuable mindset of problems. …continue reading →

The Wedge Model

Surely this idea is influenced by a number of things I have read and listened to, but bare with me for a second as I describe to you what I am calling the "wedge model." It is an approach I am currently experimenting with in thinking about how I (and friends) go about building the next serious business. …continue reading →


If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you know that I write these daily essays every day. I publish as a form of mental exercise, to stimulate my brain, and improve my thinking. I think typing - writing out my thoughts - has proven to be an invaluable experience. …continue reading →

Desire to Be Understood

One thing I am noticing about myself is that I have - at least I have had - this natural desire to be understood by others. More refined, I want to display the complete and full version of myself to the world. I do not want people to judge half of me. I want people to understand me - my incentives, my choices, my work, my actions, etc. …continue reading →


I make choices based on how I view the world. I invest resources available at my disposal because I believe the world should be a certain way. My world view changes over time, but I make decisions today solely based off of the information I have with me, in the moment, at a certain period of time. But what I really care about is the truth. …continue reading →