You Are Greater Than You Think You Are

I read this quote the other day that, though a bit cheesy, really resonated with me. It said (as it does in the title) that you are greater than you think you are. If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you will know my feelings about ego, constraint, and empathy. I believe in harmony, so I believe in extrema but also resolution.

This quote matters so much to me – you are greater than you think you are – because I fundamentally believe in humanity. I believe in people and I think the key to unlocking progress (on any scale) is empowering people to be better versions of themselves.

Even saying it feels special – you are greater than you think. Repeating it to yourself…knowing that when things get really hard, you will realize that they will get harder and you will become better. When you miraculously need to become more creative, it will happen if you will it into happening. You are only greater than you think if you believe that sentiment is true. The market has valued you. You have fit into the assembly line. You can choose whether or not you want to internalize your valuation or let the world decide for you.

I believe everyone’s value is infinity and that we all need to find ways to unlock it.