One of a Million

Though I have been to New York City before, I have never spent an extended period of time alone here. 

Over the past few days (during my short time here thus far), I have walked around quite a bit - just exploring the city, the tall buildings, eating good food and visiting new neighborhoods. 

Perhaps the biggest learning thus far has been a reinforcement of an idea I have thought about before but never to this extent. Here, it is extremely obvious just how fast the world moves.

More than that, it is obvious that we (as individuals) are one in millions.

If we do not show up tomorrow, 99.99999% of the world continues to spin. 

No one really cares. 

They do not care if  you are walking slowly.

They do not care if you need to tie your shoe.

They do not care if you need a napkin.

The world just keeps moving.

It is that speed that gives me energy. 

1 in a million.