Showing up is not enough

This is a reminder to myself that “showing up is not enough.” I say this, as I have been getting into the habit of going to the gym every morning, emphasizing that merely going through the motions and attending is really just the first of many steps of what it takes to maximize probabilities of success and return.

“Showing up” is skating through classes. Doing the bare minimum to pass. Sure…you have high attendance. But do you get the most out of it?

Showing up is going through the motions. It is going to the gym and giving 50%.

By showing up you convince yourself that you are making progress but are you really making progress? Are you really pushing the needle?

Something I am realizing, especially as I assess and how and why I spend my time the way I do, is that it is very very easy to convince myself and others that I am being productive simply by showing up.

Level 1 is attendance. It takes people a while to figure that out. Getting the reps in, getting the quantity in – that is the starting point that everyone must get to. And it is not hard and not without credit to do.

But after you can show up consistently, it is critical to take the approach of how do I not only show up but actually maximize the return of my time. How do I, when I get to the gym, give it 1000%.

That is the challenge I face. Making the most out of every second – not just convincing myself that I am when the reality is that I am barely even sweating.

Showing up is not enough.

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