Work versus Real Work

What % of your "work day" is spent doing "real work?"

In my experience, we spend so much time doing auxiliary things (like sending emails, setting up meetings, expensing, coordinating, etc.) that we lose track of our real work.

My first thought is how valuable is it to be good at the former? I think in today's world (2017) - being "good" at communication and planning is actually very useful and will save you tons of time.

But I think, in a future state, technology will handle our "auxiliary work" so that we can get back to our real work. 

Let's call all of these menial tasks (like coordinating things) process work. They can be automated with processes. 

With processes, we can outsource/automate anything. 

Technology will give us time back so that we can again focus on our real work. 

When that happens, we will have time to be more creative, analytical, and empathetic in the workplace.