My Own Drum

We all march to our own beat.

My Own DrumWe all march to our own beat.

We all march to our own beat.

I have grown up my whole life as an extrovert. I get energy from being with and around other people. My fondest memories are those that involve doing things (traveling, building things, sports, food, etc.) with other people.

Winning alone is not nearly as fun for me. And losing alone is the worst.

But, in learning more and more about myself, I am understanding that I actually do not always operate best in social/group settings. Depending on my objective, I am actually far worse off in big groups.

Introverted extrovert? Is that a thing?

Or can we be both?

I’d argue for the latter — we can be both. We can enjoy being with lots of people, but at the same time cherish alone time.

I think we all have our optimal mix of how we spend our time. That diversification is an ever evolving process for me as I learn to “optimize” my days.

Ther are certain things I have come to value more and more as I get older:

I know that I value having a close group of friends. Being with a close group of people make up some of my fondest memories.

I value travel. Good food. Moving quickly. Learning. Helping others. (not in any order).

This oversimplified makeup of what I value should dictate how I spend my time. Right?

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By jordangonen on August 31, 2017.

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