Writing to Relax

I think one of the biggest auxiliary benefits of writing every single day has been how at peace I am when I am writing.

I can think of few other places in time, other than writing, where I am wholly and completely absorbed in what I am doing. I am fully present. I am not checking my phone or browsing twitter.

I am staring at a blank screen. 

Telling my hands to move. 

And I am focusing on being present and translating my thoughts into words. 

This has been an extreme source of relaxation for me.

I realize, the more I learn about myself, that trying to multi-task and worry about numerous things at once, is inefficient and not enjoyable for me. 

When I let my mind wander on life's problems, I find there are infinite things to worry about. (is this bad?) (perhaps...why cannot I just sit and wander in peace). 

Rather, I purposefully gate my thoughts to only encompass what I want to think about in the moment.

This has both pros and cons. 

On the positive side...this mentality lets me fully efficient and productive during moments where I am completely absorbed and present.

On the negative side...it does not always work well with the rest of society in that I have to purposefully avoid talking about certain issues and problems.

I make an extremely cognizant effort to do this and not let my worries flood into my day to day.