Need More Group Activities

I just returned to Phoenix, Arizona (where I was born and grew up through high school). I generally love coming home, spending time with my old (current) friends, and making new memories. Arizona is a great place, especially in doses, where the weather can be nice!

Yesterday, a few friends and I were sitting around…doing nothing and I was reminded of how cities without density (i.e Scottsdale) are full of friction. It is hard to find things to do if you do not bump into them in the streets.

So where do you look for activities? How are you supposed to fill your lazy Sunday?

Groupon sucks. Googling around finds boredom.

There needs to be a place for “fun things to do when you have extra time.” Today, we have TopGolf, Bowling, Go Kart Racing, Axe Throwing, etc. Things that cost a good deal of money and you do them once and they are kinda over.

I think in the future we will have many more accessible and fun group activities. They may even be available online! They may even be things to help you learn weird skills or build on new hobbies. In the future, when we are all chefs, this will be great.

One place to look out for is Airbnb experiences. Right now they are focused on travel but I could imagine them opening up their world of experts to locals and essentially become the place to find things to do!

I also like companies like SandboxVR – effectively anyone building a future of fun!!