Who has it right?

As I was traveling in Europe over the past few weeks, I again noticed just how relaxed and laid back the average citizen appears. Few seem to be in a rush or display any sense of urgency. This is not just my anecdotal observation…it is true that, compared to people countries like the US and Japan, Europeans are chill! They work significantly less on an annual basis, and, as is true with any variation in culture, have different priorities.

I am a big believer in meritocracies, and a fan of the United States’ ambition to cultivate a fair, winner-works-hard environment.

Every so often, though, I find it helpful to travel to a completely different culture that makes me question my priorities in life…

“Who has it right?”

“Is there a right way to live?”

Of course, I have now thought about these questions for a great deal of time and do have quite sophisticated, well thought out answers to my point of view on various issues around the world. I do believe there is a “better way of living” and I use my resources to accelerate that world view. This is certainly a selfish point of view.

But I also acknowledge that there are few if any absolutes in the world and always exceptions to rules. I am a proponent of freedom and believe people should live as they please!

For these reasons, I strongly recommend traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things if you want to better develop your own sense of identity and understanding of your priorities.

Visit India, Hong Kong, New York City, San Francisco, St. Louis, Portugal, and Amsterdam.

Your mind will grow!