Send Thank You Notes

I fundamentally believe in people. I believe that, in the spirit of acceleration, other individuals can be the cheat codes to your success. I do not believe in manipulating people like pawns – I really do not implement much of “how to win friends and influence people.” I take a genuine approach to life, and really do care about the long term futures of others. 

Anyways, the long-winded introduction is likely in seeking validation for my following statement: Every year, I talk to hundreds and hundreds of new people. While we can debate the merits of this effort (whether or not it is a waste of my time), I do believe I have learned a lot through this process. 

One key learning I have had is that it is really hard for any individual to stand out and be memorable. And surprisingly, I have found that, to really differentiate, you just have to care a little bit more about the conversation. 

It is hard to fake this, so I would not really bother trying. Rather, talk to interesting people or find more things you are interested in. 

Your passion comes through your voice! 

And it also comes through in how you follow up the conversation. You can really differentiate by simply sending a comprehensive thank you email. 

So few people do this. So few. 

Yet, it is another reminder for why you care more than others. 

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