5 Tools for Instagram Automation to Replace Instagress

Instagram automation has earned itself a bad reputation in the last few months. Recently, Instagram forced companies like Instagress and…

5 Tools for Instagram Automation to Replace InstagressInstagram automation has earned itself a bad reputation in the last few months. Recently, Instagram forced companies like Instagress and…

Instagram automation has earned itself a bad reputation in the last few months. Recently, Instagram forced companies like Instagress and SocialGrow to shut down for violating Instagram’s terms of service. The tools used Instagram bots to automatically engage with Instagram users. They worked so well, however, that they drew attention from Instagram’s legal department.

But the negative connotation associated with automated Instagram outreach among some circles is not always warranted. After all, larger brands that rely on Instagram marketing simply employ a team of social media experts to manually engage with members of the target audience. Or they spend billions of dollars on Instagram advertising designed to boost engagement and grow followers.

Here are 5 tools you can use to automate your Instagram presence:

1. SocialDrift

There is a reason that some of the world’s most-loved brands, including McDonalds, use SocialDrift to automate Instagram engagement. The platform was designed to safely grow Instagram following by using machine learning to help customers engage with members of a target audience.

To get started, social media marketers simply provide SocialDrift with information about the target audience. Based on criteria like hashtags and location, SocialDrift will like, comment on or follow accounts that belong to the target audience. Best of all, SocialDrift will time outreach so that it is most likely to result in a follow. Plus, the platform includes an activity feed, making it easy for customers to see how Instagram users are being engaged.

2. ViralUpgrade

Grow Instagram followers quickly with ViralUpgrade. The platform is used by Instagram influencers who are interested in increasing audience size in a matter of weeks. Customer testimonials on the website indicate that the company’s automated outreach increased Instagram followers by the thousands.

Setting up ViralUpgrade involves providing information about the target audience. The platform can, for example, target people following other Instagram users (such as a competitor). It can also target accounts based on hashtag, location and gender.

When the platform is running, ViralUpgrade will email you a weekly report that details follower growth and automated engagement.

3. Instamacro

Instagram marketers interested in a highly customizable automated engagement solution should be sure to check out Instamacro. The platform allows users to like, follow and unfollow accounts based on content medium, content age, location and hashtag. Similar to SocialDrift and ViralScale, the platform allows users to target people following specific accounts.

Instamacro also provides users with the ability to customize how frequently the automated platform engages with Instagrammers through 3 settings: slow, medium and fast.

4. Combin

Combin makes it easier for you to manually engage with Instagram users rather than rely on bots. The desktop platform features a well-designed search interface that allows users to find members of a target audience. Search criteria can relate to hashtag, account name or location.

Once the target Instagrammer has been identified, Combin users can engage via a like, a comment or a follow. The platform is designed to ensure Combin customers use Instagram appropriately. If too many actions are performed in too short a time, Combin will simply delay the outreach until a later date.

5. Robolike

A simple yet effective tool, Robolike makes it easy to automatically like Instagram content based on a series of parameters. Customers target Instagram users by hashtag. Once live, Robolike will engage with as many as 60 accounts per hour. Since likes are a fairly innocuous way to engage Instagram users, the platform can afford to be straightforward and easy to use.

Fortunately for influencers and small businesses, Instagram automation can make growing a social following much more feasible. By smartly automating Instagram engagement, influencers and businesses can create profiles that attract significant attention from target audiences.

Try one of the platforms mentioned in this article, and watch as Instagram follower count and engagement skyrocket in a matter of days.

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