A Catalyst.

A Catalyst.

When figuring out your “career,” there are tons of different factors to consider.

The general framework that I have adopted is that you should try and work at the intersection of what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what the world needs. Of course, there may be other factors — but I find this one to really balance personal ambitions and aspirations.

I think about all three of those factors — recently the first one. “What I am good at.” I do not think there is always going to be a static answer to that question. Rather, it’s fluid and always evolving.

As I have worked on more projects, I have learned a ton about myself as well as what I am best at.

I hope this does not come off as bragging. It really should not.

Today, what I am “best at” seems to be two things:

  • learning quickly
  • being a catalyst for ideas

“Being a catalyst.” What does that mean?

Look at the definition of catalyst:

a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.

I love this. Basically, I find that I am getting really good at building hype for ideas, assembling a team, and actually launching things.

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