A LEGENDARY List of Newsletters for Tech & Biz People

Get Smarter

Get Smarter

Indulging in tech can be a challenge. Especially from the outside, the space is confusing and often random, making it difficult to get involved. This happens to a lot of people, they do not pursue things in tech/biz not because they do not have the passion, but rather because culture and clutter has covered up the industry.

There are lots of great ways to get involved and learn. Reading interesting things is one of my favorite. So I decided to craft a list of some of my favorite resources for learning about all that’s happening in tech, business, marketing, & sales.

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Requests for Startups
Entrepreneurial ideas & perspectives by investors, operators, and influencers. Run by Isaac Madan: isaac@venrock.comrequestsforstartups.com
Charged – Weekly tech newsletter
A weekly technology newsletter that gives you the best of tech news, without the fluff. Delivered directly to your…char.gd
Startup Digest | The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in your area.
Sign in to manage your digest subscriptions and account details.www.startupdigest.com


The Inside Daily Brief
A twice-daily email newsletter, delivering all the news you need to know. Save time while staying informed and…www.inside.com


Mattermark Daily – Mattermark
Well, it’s not called Bluepoint Ventures. From the Investors Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures examines the slowing…mattermark.com
LAUNCH Tickerwww.launchticker.com
Hacker Newsletter – The Hacker News Newsletter
A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand…www.hackernewsletter.com
Build Better Software Newsletter
Build Better Software Newsletter Email Formswhatispinpoint.us13.list-manage.com
iOS Dev Weekly – The best iOS development links, every Friday
Subscribe to a hand-picked round up of the best iOS development links every week. Curated by Dave Verwer and published…iosdevweekly.com


Hiten’s SaaS Weekly
A weekly email of useful links for people interested in SaaS businesses.hiten.com
Remotive – productive remote workers
Remotive is a newsletter on Remote Tips & Jobs sent twice a month to 20k+ remote workers – check out our latest issues…remotive.io


Highbrow is an email-based learning service that brings bite-sized courses straight to your inbox every morning.gohighbrow.com
Daily Drip makes learning easier. Every day you’ll get a bite-sized piece of something awesome about a topic you are…www.dailydrip.com


Morgan Brown | Growth Strategies
Today’s fastest growing startups all share one thing in common: a new approach to how they grow. Using a new way of…morganbrown.co


A curated list of the best user experience design links every week.
A curated list of the best user experience design links every week.uxdesignweekly.com
Product Design Weekly
Digital product design news, articles, showcases and resources.designweekly.atomic.io