That long term plan everyone talks about

Common question:

That long term plan everyone talks aboutCommon question:

Common question:

What do you want to do?


This is a hard question.

Why is it challenging for me?

I do not really think much about the long term play. I do not really think of life like a career path. Instead, I like to think about what I am doing in the moment. I find that instead of worrying about the future it is much more productive && (key) enjoyable to live in the present.

That’s my answer. It’s what I really think.

But if someone asks you that question, they generally want to know what you want your job to be in the future.

I’m 19. that’s hard to know!!! Right? Like don’t we think that the world is going to look very different 5, 10 , 15 years from now? Don’t we all think that jobs are going to change?

Even more..

I know that my tastes and preferences are going to change. I am going to like doing some things, hate doing others. And that is all subjective to change.

So why restrict my answer to a single thing?

Instead. It’s best for me to always be aware of what I most like doing. Constantly iterate over what I am enjoying/benefiting from and what is not. That way I can constantly improve my self awareness and maximize the utility I get out what I do.



By jordangonen on September 4, 2016.

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