Why People Fail

Failing, ah failing.

Failing, ah failing.

The Paradox of Success
Disclaimer: I probably use a derivative of the word failure 25–30 times throughout the post, noted.medium.com

I used to think about it a lot. Now I don’t really. But lately, I’ve been trying to help other people adopt the lessons I learned in my experiences and make them their own.

I always say that advice is generally worthless (at least mine). It’s all about what you do with it. Talk is really cheap.

But why do most people give up on things?

College is a good place to find that out. Because everyone is busy and has so many opportunities to do things. That makes it a really unique environment. Because students do not spend time on things (besides school) that they generally do not like.

A lot of the experiences I’ve had may not be appealing to people. But many of the end results have been.

You see the dilemma here?

People want the end without the middle. They want the ends without the means.

Not their fault.

It’s all about expectation management, being able to understand the amount of work needed to produce the results you want.

And I think most people (including myself) often have a slanted view of how much work would be needed to accomplish a real task.

Take for example writing, or emailing people.

You will not get an internship after one day of writing, not after 10 weeks. Not after a year maybe.

Most people are really uncomfortable with that.

It’s like taking a cold plunge without knowing if you’ll ever bob back up.

And that is ok. Because often times the plunge sucks and you never want to do it again.

It’s all about balancing expectations with giving up quickly. Sometimes giving up quickly is actually a really good thing. You save a lot of time.

Anyways, just my thoughts:

prepare yourself for the inevitable hard work ahead 🙂