Every Single Day

February 24th, 2016. Do you remember the day? I don’t really either.

February 24th, 2016. Do you remember the day? I don’t really either.

All I know is that that was the day I wrote this:

Blogging…I think
This is my fifth time starting a blog — Yep, I’ve failed four times before this one. But I think this time is going to…medium.com

And since that day, I’ve written a blog post every single day. I have missed ZERO days since that day.


A couple of reactions to that initial story:

  • Whenever you start doing something, you never really know what you are getting yourself into. Right? Like when I wrote that first word I had no idea that, even many months later, I’d still be writing the same way every morning. For this, I had originally thought that I’d be going for just 30 days. Who knows. Just go with the flow 😉
  • Metrics change. I was kind of foolish back then. For just a bit, I thought that my random, raw style would be great for getting views. But that is completely wrong. But I loved the style I was writing here…not for other people’s sake but for my own. So I changed my metrics. Rather than look at views/money — I optimized for exercise. What does that mean? It means I’m optimizing for my own thoughts. I’m getting better at thinking, refining, relaxing, whatever. These stories are my own, I’m sharing to help myself and hopefully help someone reading it.
  • Execution is my specialty.
  • From writing and sharing my stories, I’ve been able to start many conversations with interesting people and land myself a few jobs. The important thing to note is that those are just side benefits of my core mission.

For those of you who do read my blog every day or even every once in a while, thank you! I really do appreciate it.

If you ever have any questions, never hesitate to reach out.

I can help:

  • with getting internships/jobs
  • making your company grow
  • content

I also like sports and good food.

TO ANOTHER 190 Days!

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