Starting to Cook

While I have always loved eating, I have rarely practiced or done much cooking. Growing up, my Dad was always in the kitchen crafting up delicious foods. Perhaps I got spoiled and rarely tried to venture into my own creations.

I am not culinarily illiterate. I know how to cook the basics. And over the past few weeks, I have greatly built upon my foundations and started making, what I would consider, to be quite good foods!

Since coming back to school, I have made a conscious and deliberate effort to eat healthier. I have been intermittent fasting, only eating between 12 (noon) and 8pm. I basically eat a few things: chicken, ground turkey, cauliflower, bell peppers, egg whites, and spinach. I need to expand and diversify my list but these simple healthy things make for some nutritious, filling meals.

Starting to cook has been an empowering experience. I feel like an artist of sorts in the kitchen and this is definitely something I care to, at least slightly, get better at. Perfecting the fundamentals, having a few solid and healthy dishes you can cook, I think goes a long way. It is also a de-stressing activity, a moment to be present in something for which I value.

Anyways, perhaps I will post an update to my “cooking adventures” some time in the next few months. Hopefully I can stick with it. It helps me save money too!

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