For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been the best chef in the world. Call me biased…as I definitely am…I say this without exaggeration. I really admire this quality. I really admire artists, really – people who create with craft and care, ego and flavor. 

Food is the output of Yin and Yang. Food is the output of harmony. Food is harmonious in nature. 

Some of my favorite memories, both with new friends and old friends, revolve around dining and sharing meals. I vividly remember eating pasta in Italy, dumplings in Taiwan, ice cream in San Francisco, and so on. 

So I want to start cooking. And I have. I want to start hosting dinner parties where I cook, bring people over, and have fun and memorable and interesting discussions. 

There are too many meals that I forget about. I want more memories! I want to slow down time and also speed it up. I want harmony. 

I am blogging this as an open invitation for those reading…come to dinner some time. I owe you one 🙂 

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