A lot of people give advice that looks like this:

BalanceA lot of people give advice that looks like this:

A lot of people give advice that looks like this:

Stop Searching For A Work Life Balance
Why If You’re Not Learning You’re Dead
Because Justin Kan said

Though these are things I believe/used to believe — it does not mean that you should.

You should probably not absorb all of the advice that is directed your way.

Oh, the irony in that sentence.

To remove myself from the paradox of advising to not accept all advice as fact (advice inception), I will frame this in my view, from my perspective.

I want to get to a point where I have my own thesis for why I do what I do. That makes a lot of sense, to me. My thoughts, regardless of what I want though, will be a product of a number of things: my environment, others thoughts, and my own personal aspirations.

It takes some will power, but I want to do my best to not be like a leaf in the sense that I do not want every form of influence to sway me in every direction.

I need to be selective in what advice I take to heart and actually do something about.

But in being selective I also have to be open to hearing diverse opinions. Once I stop willing to hear from others, I lose.

So it’s a combination, a weird one — on accepting advice and sticking true to my gut.

I do believe that my intuition is a powerful thing.

By jordangonen on July 25, 2016.

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