Bots staying in Hotels

Not click-bait

Bots staying in HotelsNot click-bait

Not click-bait

The future of bots is certainly uncertain. For one thing, we know that ‘they’ will play some sort of role in the future of how humans operate. What entrepreneurs and venture capitalists around the world have yet to figure out — is exactly where this influence will sit.

Of course, everyone’s opinion is valuable and, at the same time, not. Is this “ai revolution” a fad or is it here to stay. The debate is heating up, and with big companies entering the space (Facebook & Slack), conversation is fueling. So, I am doing what anyone else involved in the technology space would do — write a Medium article about my noble opinion (that should get a lot of clicks?!?). Sure, why not. So where is this world that I envision?

I want to start with what I do not see. For now, at least, with these early iterations of artificial conversationalists, I do not see the added value of bots interacting with humans to complete shopping tasks or telling me the weather. I don’t want to book my restaurant reservation by chatting with a bot and limiting my options. Now this might sound ludicrous 10,15 years from now — but at the state of 2016, bots’ interface is terrible. It’s not better, let alone 10X better than many current “manual” processes. Now, I know it is early, very very early, but let’s slow down for a second and value what is going on before throwing our money at the best thing sliced bread. I know it will play a role, but before FOMO sets in, slow down and think. Think about the industry and applications that best match your vision for the future.

I see a definite place for bots in the hotel space — as a long term, integral part of customer service.

I imagine a world — where you can converse with a bot to get your room number, get a new key, ask where the pool is, and hours for the weight room. A concierge available without having to hold on the line. That seems to me to be 10X better and I’d hedge a bet on it.

The important takeaway that I want whoever is reading this to get out of it, though, is not my particular “genius” application of the new technology. No. The thought is that leveraging tech to fill a very niche, particular gap in an industry is sustainable and more definite than more general approaches. And, as of late, general approaches have failed to serve an intended audience.

I just want to see the best application of technology to help as many people as possible. I also want to get my twitter/medium feed back to talking about Product Hunt , cats on GIPHY, and Mattermark ‘s outlook on the future.

Summary: build a product that 10x’s an industry — like Eve, which is revolutionizing the way we all fill out government paperwork.

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