Building a better ballot

Each and every decision we make has a trade-off. Some, much more important than others.

Who we vote for is supposed to be an important question. And, for many of us, it really is.

The question we seldom ask is what the best means are to casting this vote.

For years, we have done the australian ballot and seen little to no evolution.

This data vis + webpage does an interesting job of going through some scenarios.

I am not sure there is an optimal means to casting your vote. Of course there will always be a trade-off. But I do believe, and am a proponent of the idea that you should always ask why. Why are we voting this certain way? Does that answer, that reason, still hold viable? Or is it time we move on to a modern method that, in theory, will deliver us fairer, and more importantly, more “representative” results.

Time will tell. I’d bet that the evolution of politics is inevitable. We have to advance.

Of course, technologists will tell you that we will have artificial intelligence “elected” and put in the Whitehouse < 50 years. I am not sure that is true. I honestly do not know. But if there is one thing that this election showed me, is that change, and pushing for change does not make a lot of people happy.

At what point will technology overcome humanity? Hmmmmm.