Competing for Gen Z

Generation Z’s unique tastes and preferences are and will come to dramatically shape the way the world works.

The big statistic that everyone is talking about:

Gen Zers, on average, have low attention, or as I call it, decision spans. At just about 8 Seconds on average, their span is limited.

So what does that really mean for you as a marketer?

Some brands are resorting to click-bait, high volume, low quality content to try and gain eyeballs and attraction.

Those are going to be short lived efforts. We will see right through them.

The brands and influencers that are going to “win” over this consumer group are going to be the ones that provide the most free value.

They will show that they are authentic and genuine. They will treat relationships with Gen Zers like they are real people.

They will leverage existing, but more importantly, new technologies to reach their consumer groups. They will not be too attached to their old ways, and experiment as they go along with marketing.

They understand the importance of building relationships with Gen Z, and relying upon influencers to spread their message.

These will be the winners, i think.