The Future of Digital Assistants

There are many different scenarios for our futures. Many ways it can play out. Most of which contain some sort of artificial intelligence as an element of our lives.

One of the “best” case scenarios, at least in mine and many experts’ minds, is to leverage this technology to make humans better at what we do.

This article is a great insight into what this future may really look like. It focuses on the impact of AI ~ and how we can use this tech as a form of digital assistance.

It’s going to be everything from saving time to completely changing business or human outcomes because of this technology. Sundar [Pichai] had a pretty good analogy of AI is the new mobile — which is to say software that isn’t mobile today just feels out of date and clunky. Well, software in five years from now where you’re having to do anything manual is going to feel out of date and clunky.