Collaboration Overload

Collaboration Overload

In the digital age, there is a tool/service for seemingly everything. And if there is not, you better bet that someone will start working on it soon.

For business, this is great. Never before have we had such incredible access to powerful resources.

All of this technology makes our lives as salespeople, marketers, recruiters, students, designers, developers, etc. so much easier. In nearly every case, this advancement has dramatically changed how we work for the better.

I’d argue, however, that there is a point to which this technology can begin to hurt our workflow. And I think it is happening now.

We are falling into a trap of: collaboration overload.

We spend a non-zero amount of time switching between apps rather than actually using them.

Everyone is always checking in on us because it is sooo easy to communicate with each other.

When do we get the freedom to just work?

It used to be that putting on your headphones at the office was a sign of “dont bother me, I am focusing.” But today, people ignore “do not disturb” messages and just go ahead and contact you.

This “always on” mindset is bad for work and balance. Some people work better in the dark, alone. Focused.

Others may enjoy collaborating more often. But not ALWAYS.

I think the best teams recognize that this is happening and are refocusing to make sure their employees stay strong and focused.

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By jordangonen on March 14, 2017.

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