Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback

Dealing with feedback can be really challenging. Everyone handles criticisms differently. We all have our own preferences for how people should tell us what we did wrong.

Some liked to be taken aside. Others prefer public humiliation. I prefer the feedback blunt and to the point. Tell me what I did wrong. Do not sugar coat it.

I have found I operate best in teams that treat feedback that way. There are no secrets or talking behind people’s back in that sense. Everyone is one the same page all of the time because feedback is transparent and to the point.

The key is to keep emotions out of this process. There is no need for tangling personal feelings with “business problems.”

I am always trying to make the best decision for the company or project I am working on. I am never trying to criticize another person. That message can fall short if you do not communicate properly.

That is why I have to emphasize the importance of communication within a company. ESPECIALLY within a small company, where you’re only really competitive advantage is being small and moving quickly. Your communication has to be on point.

I have been involved in numerous projects / companies where, because of the communication, things fell apart. It is such an underrated aspect of building companies that people often forget just how powerful it can be.

It is the same thing as being on a soccer team. You have to function and move together. Every player needs to be on the same page. Like a well tuned orchestra.

Essential to that team is the process of feedback and constructive criticism.

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By jordangonen on February 7, 2017.

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