Disproportionate Value

Disproportionate Value

As I have gotten older, the more I have learned the importance of relationships and people. People are the KEY to finding success and fulfillment.

Going at it alone is crazy. You need to surround yourself with awesome, inspiring, and motivating people to support you in your incredible efforts.

Note to Jordan: never do it alone. You’ll fail.

And so, for the past year or so, I have become increasingly interested in the way people think. The way people work.

Specifically, I have been trying to find ways to provide disproportionate value to others. AKA — I want to help them a TON for just doing a little.

It sounds hard to do. How in the heck are you supposed to give 10x for your x? That is the challenge that gets me excited. I try to figure out how I can best allocate and scale my time so that I am impacting and influencing the most number of people. “Scaling” my value is an interesting concept. I want to try and provide more value to more people.

But I still only have 24 hours every day…

So how can you do that?

You have to be creative and start thinking of things that you have never thought of before. Creating value for others is one of the best and only ways to build strong relationships with people you have no business talking to. Everyone wants utility and value. If you can be that source of value, let alone FREE value, who would not want to talk to you?

The answer: anyone. The challenge: figuring out the right channel to deliver it.

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By jordangonen on March 11, 2017.

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