Reminder of What is Important

Reminder of What is Important

We live in a really fast paced world. Or so it feels.

Time, however, is continuing to move at the same rate. Our perception is what makes it feel fast and slow.

I have always loved the quote: “the days are long but the decades are short.” That is incredibly true.

When you look back on your past 6 months, even a year, what do you remember most? Does it feel like a long time? What is your perception of time like?

There is nothing I value more in life than time. Time to spend with family, friends, learning, doing, etc.

I wholly believe in making every moment count. I want to minimize my regrets and maximize opportunity.


The hard part about going to school is that it is really easy to get caught in a routine. And routines, while good for somethings, are time vacuums. Getting caught in a routine is like getting caught in a sinkhole — you run out of time quickly. Your years feel like days and all you remember is the start and finish.

I want to prioritize unique experiences. I want to do things different.

I want to remember all of the things I did do and not all of the things I passed up on for studying.

How to make every waking moment count?

Let’s figure that out.

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By jordangonen on March 10, 2017.

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