Two Types of People In Tech

I rarely tweet.

Two Types of People In TechI rarely tweet.

I rarely tweet.

But I tweeted this yesterday:

Roughly two types of people in tech:- Those who do — Those who say why the other group can’t

Which group are you a part of ? 🤔

— Jordan Gonen (@jrdngonen) June 9, 2017

Thought I’d provide more context.

Roughly speaking, there are two jobs in most industries. There are people who are paid to do things. Take it back, there are people who do and build things (not always paid). And there are people who analyze the things that people do.

Both add value. We need both sides.

But I am far more fulfilled by the first side.

I am learning more and more that that is the side of the table that I want to be in on.

I wonder if that will change at all as I get older.

Which side of the table do you like to be on?

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