Writer’s Block

It happened again today.

Writer’s BlockIt happened again today.

It happened again today.

I sat down and stared at my blank screen and could not think of a topic to write about.

I basically “got to the gym” and felt too tired to start lifting weights.

So now I am writing, probably for the second or third time, about writer’s block.

I never get writer’s block. For the past year and a half, I have hit publish every single morning on some piece of content or another. I never run out of things to write about because there are infinite things to choose from.

So why…today….do I not know what to write about?

It happens in waves. I get excited about certain topics. I learn about them. I think about them subconsciously.

And then when I sit down to write, it comes out easily.

Sometimes, however, it takes more than a night’s sleep to digest a topic.

It takes more than a few minutes to formulate some sort of opinion, learning, or lesson. So then I sit here and often adapt my thesis.

Why am I so concerned about writing “quickly?”

It is not really the speed that matters. It is just that I know if I start waiting so long to write I’ll never hit publish. Luckily, I have never done that.

So why do I have to keep hitting publish? What happens if I miss a day?

1) Hitting publish gives me energy. It is like going to the gym, for my brain.

2) Nothing would happen if I miss a day. It is just I likely won’t because I am addicted to hitting publish.

I am humbled that people, sometimes lots of people, read my blog posts. I recognize that it takes lots of time out of your day and that is valuable.


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By jordangonen on June 10, 2017.

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