Idea – Onboarding as a Service

I think there is an opportunity to build a pretty big business around “on-boarding employees to your team.” I think someone could create a piece of software (basically a glorified presentation software) with learning modules and a variety of other interesting components that streamline the on-boarding process for new employees.

Coming to a new company can be really scary. Your first week is critically important. Google and Facebook have entire teams dedicated to figuring out how to optimize their employees’ first interactions with the company. Most startups do not have the time to do that.

Thus, you could build an “onboarding as a service function” – basically a full consulting / saas suite that customizes an onboarding plan.

You could create a podcast where you share the founding story of the company.

You could create a forum where current employees share their favorite community items like barber shops or restaurants.

The possibilities are endless! I would basically go to Airbnb and Google and figure out their onboarding processes and then scale that using software and analytics.