Content Is King

I don’t worry much about SEO

Content Is KingI don’t worry much about SEO

I don’t worry much about SEO

This is just my opinion on it

I don’t worry much about SEO

I think people get caught up in everything but the content. People worry about the color of the font, the spacing, the tags, the meta data, the number of linkedin shares — literally everything they can besides the actual writing.

I consider all of these to be distractions. And at this point, nearly 100 days into my daily blog, I am not good enough to worry about those on a consistent basis.

While I know I could probably increase my clicks a bit, I know that, in the long run, content will win for me. Most people do not understand that — and that is due to negative reinforcement in the short term.

Content is a long-term investment. Most people are not prepared for that. They want to see results, quickly!!!! They want it now!

And some growth-hacks will give you that — a short term burst of views. But that is not sustainable. The only safe, sustainable measure you can take is to put out killer content, consistently over a long period of time. Much easier said than done. What you will find out is that a lot of people will start on this journey, but if you keep with it, you will outlast them. Everyone else will turn around and you will continue writing as much as you possibly can. Trust me, you will win.

Content always wins.

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