As the internet continues to democratize access to high quality information, curators will arise. Curators are people who sift the internet for the most high quality ideas and opinions and present it to users. These people dig through mounds of noise in search of the most elite and accurate ideas.

I think the internet needs a librarian – someone to help users find exactly what they need.

Searching Google is too risky. There are too many ads and forms of sponsored content that it is unbearably challenging for the average consumer to differentiate spam from truth.

We need more curators!

This is the future state that I imagine: if I want to learn about x topic, I should be able to go to x resource and learn about it. X resource should be personalized and customized to my level.

That is it. No fuss. Perhaps x resource costs money but inevitably I hope it is all free. This is how I imagine the internet evolves.

But we need curators to get us there. They can be human or they can be AI.

They will be building playbooks for different learning challenges.