The Founder Cup

This is a great idea.

The Founder CupThis is a great idea.

This is a great idea.

I saw this tweet yesterday and I thought I’d elaborate on it.

Idea: a hackathon tournament featuring famous entrepreneurs and founders. Imagine seeing the legends in our industry compete for 48 hours.

— Jeff Morris Jr. (@jmj) May 26, 2017

The idea: a 48 hour hackathon featuring the world’s best entrepreneurs.

Venture Capitalists would get to draft the teams.

We’d livestream the event and sell out an arena.

We’d raise millions and millions of dollars for charity watching the world’s best and smartest builders play it out on the battlefield.

What do you think would happen?

Zuck vs Spiegel.

Musk vs Bezos.

The list goes on. This would be epic.

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By jordangonen on May 27, 2017.

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