Different Types of Content

I want to start experimenting with creating different types of artistic content. Among other things, I write for exercise. I write to become a better thinker and “work out” that part of my brain. I have been doing this daily workout for 950+ days in a row. 

I also realize, though, that I need to mix things up. I need to challenge my form in different ways. 

So I am considering trying to find new “artistic” workouts that help me explore new areas of my brain. 

Perhaps I start drawing? 

Perhaps I start writing poetry?

Perhaps I start writing fiction? 

I have not yet made up my mind about this, nor make any promises, but I do think it would be really interesting to open up a brand new part of my brain and really explore a new type of workout. 

I could write longer form…I could write interview style…

The good and bad news is that there are infinite things I really could do. 


I just have to start doing something! 

That is an empowering feeling, yet scary. Just as hitting publish every day on these random thoughts helps me think…I’d like to find another medium for working out my brain. 

Learning helps me slow down time. It is the ultimate cheat code and very valuable.