Do Epic Shit

The Problem in Tech

Do Epic ShitThe Problem in Tech

The Problem in Tech

Execution is everything. If you are signing up to build a company — and putting “entrepreneur” in your linkedin your bio, you better be ready to start “hustling.” The problem, though, is that there are soooo many distractions — especially in tech.

People are so concerned with everything BUT building the product and getting it to customers. The culture is misaligned with the reality of the industry.

The problem is that

Not enough people are doing epic shit.

Founders are tweeting more than they are building. Blame buzzwords, gifs, whatever…the fact of the matter is that there all of these great ideas out there that are not being executed on. That is what you call inefficiency.

The BEST companies wake up every morning “work hard and go home.” These awesome companies get stuff done and people wonder why.

Soooo…whatever you are working on — go do it!

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