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Why do you want to help me?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as pure altruism (eh), yet people are seemingly always willing to help — they prefer if you ask nicely. Why are people so quick to give advice? Why do people give back?

I have asked this question to a lot of people — I like to hear what drives people to help me, what makes them tick and why do they do what they do. Some people like to practice communication skills, others want to look good in the eye of the community, and some do it because it is the nice thing to do.

I love giving advice (to the few that ask for it, and to the majority that don’t) for a couple of different reasons.

Advice has helped me accelerate growth 10x. I view advice, while not quite as compelling as real experience, as a way to advance learning really really quickly. I think of it as a time-machine that can propel you forward. Knowing the powerful effect, I truly understand the importance of passing on life lessons and experiences — it is one of the reasons I blog here every single day.

Another reason I give advice is because I really like doing it. Hobby…maybe not frequent enough to call it that — but I like seeing people do really cool things. And if any experience or lesson that I learned can help them do that — then boom, advice is given.

The last reason is the most simple — why the f*ck not?

How long does it take out of my day to help someone out? 30 minutes? What if my advice goes on to help them grow 10x? You never know. Never turn down an opportunity to help someone else.

On that note — let’s get the conversation going ! Reach out to me.

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