The technology space seems to move so fast. What parts of history will be remembered and which tiny fragments will be cut out? Will anyone care in 50 years if Snapchat’s new filters mattered?

Facebook is at the center of this rapid change in the technology space. Every week…they seem to launch a new product or set of features. They are moving fast and breaking things, as they like to say.

As these products evolve, their users do too. The way we as humans are programmed to interact with Facebook has changed dramatically.

Do you remember “the old days” of Facebook?

The old days looked something more like this:

We, as millennials and Gen-Z, have grown up with Facebook at our fingertips. We have seen it mature, evolve. The use cases have changed dramatically.

I am going to write a longer, hopefully much better written story about how we (the people that i am close with) use Facebook today and I can tell you that it’d very much so┬ásurprise you.

I promise you this ~ Facebook, and its creators, did not have a “master plan” when they first started building their company. They did not know that people would be using it today to tag others in memes or read the news. They just went out and built an awesome product that worked.

It will be interesting to see the way these consumer tech companies choose to grow. Many of them are bound to fail as they look for “product-market” fit. Others will “pivot.” Some will go through crises.

But at the end of the day, the consumers win so long as all of these companies are competing. As soon as a monopoly is put in place (like we see with search or even FB is getting closer), companies will be de-incentivized to “innovate” and more incentivized to keep their shareholders happy.