Find my Iphone

Have you ever lost your phone/computer/etc.?

It sucks. You not only displace the value of your physical device…you lose your data. You lose your identity.

Nowadays, losing your phone is about losing your photos, your contacts, messages, music…everything! While it may be sitting somewhere in the cloud, you learn quickly that you are losing your information to some random person who could be doing whatever they want with it.

But, ah, you remember you have find my iphone. You are saved. Right?

Probably not. Thieves and robbers nowadays are much smarter. They know what to do so they can avoid the pitfalls of getting locked out of your phone so that they can not only get in and access your data, but also exploit it.

You may think you are safe for the next couple of weeks. But then, all of a sudden, your cards get hacked some months later.

Well…it happens. The mystery is ¬†interesting ~ crazy. And it happens all the time. And that ruins a ton of people’s days.

This guy thought it was interesting too. So he made a really neat short film following “his” phone after it was robbed.

Crazy stuff. ¬†Be safe with your data. It’s hard. Especially in this connected world. What are we even supposed to do?