Heads Down

There are way too many distractions out there. It has become increasingly challenging for my brain to sift through the mess of information that is being thrown my way. Garbage. There is absolute garbage sitting out there on a number of different social media sites baiting you to consume.

I deleted twitter from my phone. Instagram too. I am tired of being a product of some other person (or company, in this case). I am addicted to using these media platforms, I, like many, am addicted to consuming.

But, I much prefer to create. And that is what I want to focus my energy on. I find it far more valubale to spend my time doing things rather than reading/watching/hearing about the successes of others.

Yes, consumption is really valuable. You can and I have learned a ton by hearing from other people. And it is not like I am going to stop doing that. I will continue to digest information. It is just that it is unnecessary, and quite unhealthy to be checking tweets around the clock. It is bad for my expectations to constantly be consuming this information that really is a product of a bubble and echo-chamber.

I have becoming increasingly aware of how little some things really are in today’s society and begun focusing my energy on bigger picture things: real, living problems.

Most of what I do can be compressed into a few actions: building and writing. I try to help build companies and I end up writing a lot of words for different purposes.

After finals end, in just a few days, I will be going for it. I am going to start pumping out more words (for more purposes) and really hone in on these companies I am working on. I need to remove all of these distractions, which will be tough, so that I can focus my energy where it needs to be.

Another place I really need energy for is on my own health. I need to go to the gym much more.

I am only writing this publicly, well, because this is really where I write everything. And, I guess it holds me to a standard. At least I have set expectations and I find that to be somewhat of a motivator.

OK. Let’s do this.