Making A Difference

Technology is moving so quickly. Not everyone wants change. Not everyone is ready for change. Not everyone realizes what technology can do for them.

We have to realize that. In a vacuum, we may think that everyone needs to use every piece of new tech. “The world would be so much better that way.”

I think wrong. I think when we do that, we lose sight of humanity. And to really build a great company, product, etc…humans must be a priority.

Now where I am getting with this. Some of our population, especially the older segments, are not really making full use of technology’s capabilities.

Specifically, our elderly population (65+) is falling behind. It’s a fact: younger people use their phones, computers, tablets, etc. more than elderly people.

That is not to say that the older populations cannot benefit from it. Nor do they have to be as attached to their phones as millennials do.

But, there is an inefficiency. Seniors have access to tech, but they do not really know how to use it. (Of course a generalization).

So a club I was heavily involved in last year went out to help seniors maximize their technologies’ utilities and help them better connect to the world.

The other day, we were featured in the KSDK news, check it out: