Holy Shit Moments

Every great product has a holy shit moment (HSM*).

Holy Shit MomentsEvery great product has a holy shit moment (HSM*).

Every great product has a holy shit moment (HSM*).

I define the HSM* as that feature/instance that makes you want to tell your friends about a product. It is the 0.01% differentiator between virality and bankruptcy. It’s much easier said than done.

You see holy shit moments every day of your life… Think of the new snapchat filters, that first time you go on Twitter, collecting those coins on Clash of Clans, hearing your first podcast on Anchor, eating your first In-N-Out… Magic moments are everywhere.

But it’s hard to fabricate an HSM. Nearly impossible

HSMs are built into the DNA of a product. Some products, naturally, have a sense of virality to them. But for others it’s a challenge to get them going.

So when building your next Holy Shit Moment into your product, think of these few things:

  • Would your Mom tell her friend about the product?
  • Does it look like something you could easily tell your friend about?
  • Is anyone else already doing this?

When was the last time you had a HSM? I bet it took thousands of dollars for someone to build it.

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